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Welcome to NIRMA. We are the nuclear industry’s leader in information and records’ management. NIRMA is uniquely qualified to provide guidance to commercial and Department of Energy (DOE) facilities in the areas of quality records’ programs, regulatory compliance activities, electronic records initiatives, document management technologies, and knowledge management issues. We are a standards and educational organization with members in both the United States and internationally. Visit our site and contact us if you have any questions. We are here to assist you. Rebecca Wessman, President.

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NIRMA provides comprehensive industry guidance for a wide range of information and records management issues. Non-members may purchase NIRMA documents for a fee by contacting NIRMA.

Members are entitled to the full array of our Technical Guidelines, Position Papers, as well as Presentations from our annual Conferences. The ANSI/NIRMA CM 1.0 Standard is available for purchase by contacting NIRMA.

Non-members may purchase NIRMA documents for a fee by contacting NIRMA


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