News from the President

Greetings Everyone,

I am excited about my new role as NIRMA president and looking forward to working with each of you.  I would like to introduce the 2018 Board of Directors:

  • Janice Hoerber: Vice President
  • Lona Smith: Secretary
  • Anita Beren: Director of Infrastructure
  • Rebecca Wessman: Director of Technical Programs


Our 2018 Business Unit directors are:

  • Chris Boudreaux: RIMBU
  • Shelia Percy: Membership and Marketing
  • Tammy Cutts: Professional Development.

2018 is bringing additional organizational changes for NIRMA as well.  You may have noticed that our newly elected Treasurer Denise Pickett is not listed above with the introduction of our 2018 Board.  Denise has resigned from the NIRMA Board.  Denise felt that due to her increased work scope with her current employer she could not effectively dedicate the time necessary to adequately fill the NIRMA position.  Thank you Denise for your time and contributions to NIRMA, we wish you the best in your new assignments.  The board is looking into and considering several options of how best to fill this Board vacancy.  The Board will announce the resolution after the Face-to-Face board meeting in February.

Cathy Lang our publicist for the past 25 years has resigned.  Please join me in extending a warm thank you and show of appreciation for her years of service and dedication to NIRMA.  Cathy has played an integrate role in NIRMA and will be truly missed by all.

I would like to introduce and welcome Neal and Sandy Miller of Devereaux Consulting, Inc. to the NIRMA team.  The Millers have accepted the role of NIRMA Publication Specialist Team.  As publication specialists, Neal and Sandy will create, edit, and publish our NIRMA Newsletter, which will now be distributed electronically three times per year.

We have an exciting year ahead of us with many opportunities for the membership to work together to ensure that 2018 is a successful year for NIRMA

Please join us for the Spring RIMBU meeting, hosted by South Texas Project.  This working session will be held in Sugarland, Texas at the Hilton Garden.  Some of the topics on the agenda include Electronic Signature, Decommissioning, and White Paper on Sustainable Long Term Storage of Records.  Laura Pring of ANI (American Nuclear Insurers) will be presenting at this meeting.  Laura is requesting that if there are specific questions that NIRMA members need or would like answered by ANI to please submit those questions in advance.  Please send questions for ANI to Michelle Smith at mmsmith@STPEGS.COMI will collect and forward the questions to Laura.

Upcoming Events

March 6-7, 2018 – Spring RIMBU Meeting – Hosted by South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company, Hilton Gardens Hotel, Sugarland, Texas

February 9-10, 2018- NIRMA Board of Directors Winter meeting, JW Marriott, Las Vegas, NV





NIRMA Advertising Opportunities!


NIRMA is now offering several new and exciting 2018 Advertising packages for our vendors and sponsoring partners to take advantage of!  We will be launching three electronic Newsletters in 2018 in addition to several new advertising channels.  If interested, please contact the NIRMA Publications Specialist at devereauxInc@outlook.com .

Guidance Documents

NIRMA provides comprehensive industry guidance for a wide range of information and records management issues. Non-members may purchase NIRMA documents for a fee by contacting NIRMA.

Members are entitled to the full array of our Technical Guidelines, Position Papers, as well as Presentations from our annual Conferences. The ANSI/NIRMA CM 1.0 Standard is available for purchase by contacting NIRMA.

Non-members may purchase NIRMA documents for a fee by contacting NIRMA



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